My teaching interests extend throughout much of the discipline. I particularly enjoy teaching and leading discussion in the ‘practical’ areas of philosophy (e.g. ethics, social and political, and free will), though I am also keen to help students recognize how seemingly abstract, highly technical questions in metaphysics and epistemology bear upon everyday and scientific concerns.

Just after defending my PhD thesis, I designed and taught the first full, upper-level module of my own, Mind-Body Problem, at Lancaster University in spring 2021.

Prior to this, I served as tutor or teaching assistant on a total of 28 modules (classes) at Lancaster, the University of Leeds, and Florida State University. These included a large number of modules in ethics and metaphysics, as well as several in each of epistemology, logic, and history and philosophy of science.

I have also pursued opportunities for outreach. Working with the education charity The Brilliant Club, I delivered a self-designed seven-week course on philosophy and free will to KS4- and KS5-level pupils at 12 schools across the north of England. I have also given talks on these same topics to audiences at the 2018 and 2019 Seren National Conferences (for high-achieving Year 12 Welsh pupils), a large graduation ceremony for The Brilliant Club, and a monthly meeting of the lifelong-learning organization U3A Leeds. I am excited to communicate the importance of philosophy for everyday and public concerns, and intend to pursue further, wider-reaching opportunities in the near future.